YouTube is still Forbidden to Microsoft Phone
Microsoft has been continuing to bargaining for YouTube with Google.  But famous search engine Google doesn’t want to Microsoft use its video sharing website YouTube with Microsoft and Google has been repeating like a song’s chorus that never change its mind to let Microsoft its YouTube.

All rights of Youtube are in Google. And Microsoft has nothing to do if Google doesn’t let Microsoft to use YouTube in its operating system that is for mobile phones. Microsoft has been in a debating with Google to get permission. But Google is stable in its decision and looks like Google never change its mind. According to an explanation that has been come from Microsoft, that brand (Google) which a disagreement between is still persistent.

According to Microsoft’s ex planations, an application that will connect YouTube and Microsoft to each other has         been ready for a long time. Microsoft has told that Google is doing a bad job by behaving like that. Google has building a cartel and Google’s resistance about using YouTube in Windows Mobile is ridiculous. And also Microsoft has told that if Google will not change its mentality, google will have to struggle with activists who against Google’s cartel.

Also Google has declared that Google will not provide its services for Microsoft Mobile. We can understand that a cold war is happening between Google and Microsoft.

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