There really isn’t a single place or district in Europe that you can dub the Silicon Valley of the old continent. Rather, the European tech community, its developers, the entrepreneurs and the investors seem to be much more dispersed than its American counterpart. There is a strong but decentralized society of tech enthusiasts, but what they may lack in visibility and synchronization, they make up for in talent. You see this to be true in the events such as the one recently held in Berlin, which gathered the cr?me de la cr?me of the European developers, and had them battle it out for the title of the best startup and 50000 euros in cash. Here are some of the startups that made it to the finals of this year’s Disrupt Europe event:

We’re all familiar with apps like Shazam and Spotify, right? You are at a bar or a supermarket and you hear a song that you like. So you take out your phone, run the app, and in a matter of seconds, it comes back to you with the title of the song, the name of the band playing it, and the option of downloading it. Well, Asap54 is doing the same thing- with fashion. Whether you’re at a party, or are casually browsing through your friend’s vacation album on Facebook, you often come across a piece of clothing you wouldn’t mind having in your closet. With Asap54, you just take a photo of the clothes that you like, and the app will provide you visual results for your visual inquiry, complete with the price tag, name of the brand, and several similar fashion choices.

Many European cities are infamous as bicycle havens, and worldwide, bike theft tends to be a multibillion dollar industry. But with Lock8, you can kiss those worries goodbye: the ‘smart’ lock is mounted on the frame of your bike, and is packed with 6 different sensors (including gyro-accelerometer, temperature and light sensors), meaning any sort of meddling results in an instant alert on your smartphone, and a pretty noisy alarm as well.

Finally, Voicesphere is basically Siri on steroids: it‘s an app that integrates voice recognition technology with a plethora of popular apps and websites, and can virtually work with any website that has an API. You run Voicesphere, choose the app you want it to interact with, say, Instagram, and you exclaim something like ‘Show me photos of cute puppies’. The website will instantly filter all the cute and cuddly choices that match your inquiry.
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