What Did Samsung say After Court Decision About Trial Between Apple
How does Samsung announce lost Apple patent case to its employees?

Ceo of Apple Tim Cook has sent a message to Apple workers, which celebrates Apple’s  triumph againist to Samsung  in a patent case that Apple won. Same situation’s reflection is different in Samsung than Apple’s, the  message that sent to Samsung employees appears not cheerful.

We proposed to Apple  to negotiate before going to court, because Apple is our very important costumer.But Apple insisted on this case so we had not another choice than open a new case against to Apple to protect our Company.

The decision by the NDCA District Court of  U.S of course causes a huge disappointed.Also it is distressing  to see consern of the decision among employees and loyal costumers
Some procuderes  continue after the final decision of the judge. We will continue to do our best
untill our arguments will be accepted.

Decision of NDCA reversed sharply  to other court decisions are taken in England, Netherlands,Germany, Korea. This courts accepted  Samsung’s proofs and they believed in that Samsung did not imitate Apple.

Date, by misusing the laws of patents and innovation in a company is run after the opponent has won the hearts of consumers and provided to bother getting seen a steady growth.

We believe that consumers will give priority to innovation and the market instead of the cases, and it will prove very much needed. "
Samsung's Apple's "innovation kovalamadigi" words seem pretty hard. To explain the meaning of legal terms, this war is not over yet and Samsung defend himself until the end.

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