Way-C Tablet that is made in Africa is competitor to Apple
The African VMK’s Way-C tablet that design and engineering are made by themselves is demanded more than their expectations. Currently, VMK has introduced its new android smart phone Elikia. Africa is an area that had been under the pressure of a lot of western countries for a long time negatively.  Therefore, area folk are very sensitive about something. African design tablet and smart phone project that is demanded from African people such as usual people, famous singers, politicians is being gone to a big success by  Verone Mankou’s leadership.

VMK Company that is published by a Congolese entrepreneur Verone Mankou has made the Way-C tablet that is arisen thanks to VMK’s design and engineering draws a successful sales graphic in the local markets.

Way-C isn’t assertive with its technical specialties and design but it is placed on shelves among best seller hit list with its appropriate prices. And of course there is a big effect of it is a local product and people like it so much because of this reason. The product has a 1.2Ghz dual core processor, 512MB RAM, 7 inches 480x800 resolution screen, 4GB internal memory and increasable memory with micro SD card, 4200mAh battery. Way-C has come with Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread operating system and Way-C has 320gr weight and it is just 125mm thickness.

Also VMK has prepared a smart phone name is Elikia too. The tablet’s contract price is about 300$ in Africa and smart phone’s price is about 140$ in Africa. Elikia that first native mobile device of the African market will be reach a successful sales graphic is expected.
VMK is producing its products in Asia temporary but VMK claims that they designed the products by themself.  Let’s see together if they move the production to Africa from Asia in coming days.

VMK Will be an Apple of Africa:
Verone Mankou has target is really very assertive. VMK wants to be popular and to reach big successes in Africa as an apple of Africa. And they are getting serious steps to their target.

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