Time To Close A New Service Again In Google
Google who has closed a lot of services of it couldn’t stop: There are new victims of Google.

Google continues to close its services those are not useful. Finally in last august Google said that it would end some of its services like that GoogleVideo, iGoogle and Google is ready to shut down a couple of more service.

According to a statement   ??that was made in the company blog one of the important changes is changes in the storage area where can be reached by Google Drive and Picassa. According to blog users will have 5GB free storage area. If a user buys a 100GB storage area this user could not use that 5GB free storage area and the user will have only 100GB storage area to use.

AdSense for Feed will start to be closed next week and I will be closed on 3th December completely. This service helps to get extra earnings by adding advertising bars in the Rss feeds of the websites. Classic Plus, a service that will be shut down if the other to provided logged-in users to send pictures in the background. The service will not accept the new photos from mid-October and in December shut down completely.

There is an android application Places Directory among to other services that are being planned to close.

Other services at the planned closure of var. Search Android app Places Directory, Google Trends and Insights Trends and incorporated in. Google Spreadsheet Gadgets Spreadsheets also be shut down in 2013.

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