This Keyboard Is The First In The World
Microsoft has produced a new pretty keyboard and it is really very different than you get used to.

The day which is Windows 8 will be in sales is approaching, Microsoft has begun to offer compatible products with Windows 8.

Microsoft   which is an expert on to produce Keyboards is getting ready to offer a keyboard which helps you when working on Windows 8. In this new keyboard spacebar was separated to two pieces. One of them is backspace. And this keyboard contains some extra keys for windows 8 shortcuts.

The keyboard which is named Sculpt Comfort is created with ergonomic properties such as a contoured keys, removable padded palm rest, and palm lift. These properties provide a  natural relaxed using and support your wrists, hand and arm. Thanks to its two pieces spacebar you don’t need to go far away to delete when you make mistakes during the writing, it makes easy to writing.

The Keyboard will have a wireless USB connection. Also it will be used with Windows 8, Windows RT, Windows 7 and Vista. Recommended selling price is $59,95.

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