The patentinfringement battles between Samsunand Apple are escalating

The two giants of electronics have been waging patentwars on each one of after the other and the latest of these is to be settled inHolland. Theplaintiff, Samsung, is suing Apple for using their 3G technology withoutpermission or paying the rates. 3G is an extremely fast and efficienttechnology which allows mobile devices and computers to connect to the internetwirelessly.

Samsung is requesting that all of the Apple productswhich have the 3G technology be taken from the shelves. Apples iPhone 3GS,iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and their iPads are the most popular products which connectto the internet using 3G technology.

The case will be settled in Hague and our reporterAnna Holligan states that many experts in the sector see this case as aretaliatory suit.Apple’s patent right lawsuit caused the saleprohibition of Samsung’s Galaxy smart phones in Europe.Samsung and Apple still have 20 patency cases pending against each other in 20different countries. 

So what’s thesituation with the brands?

I would like to share the latest statistical data. Thelatest research carried out by ComScore, comprised of the last months’ salesshow that Samsung is still in the lead.

While Samsung and Apple are the only two to increasetheir rates in this list, we can see LG in 2nd, Motorola in 3rd,Apple in 4th and RIM placed at 5th. Still, Samsung andApple are the strongest competitors in the field. 

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