Being the leading mobile service provider in Kenya, Safaricom is always devising ways to not only satisfy the needs of their subscribers but to also stay ahead of their competition and thus remain relevant to their target market. In addition, to their existing services, Safaricom decided to develop an App store that would be available to users on the Safaricom Live web page.

As such, they designed an App competition to attract mobile application submissions from individual App developers in addition to partnering with Strathmore University, one of Kenya’s leading higher education institutions with regard to training software and web developers.

Most of the Apps listed on Safaricom’s web portal are free and all one needs is airtime to access the Safaricom Live web page. There are also a wide range of Safaricom Apps that have been designed for different mobile phone devices and platforms with the exception of Windows Phone. This is mainly due to the fact that Safaricom has a separate commitment with the Microsoft Corporation to feature Safaricom specific section in their Apps page.

The most popular downloads on Safaricom’s App store include:


The Safaricom App store has a variety of games which are supported by most mobile phone devices such as Nokia, Samsung and the iPhone while essentially improving the experience of their subscribers. The games are not only free but also engaging and interesting.
Thus to access the games on Safaricom’s App store, you will simply need to load airtime on your phone to enable you to access Safaricom’s web portal; and select any game you want. The most popular games on Safaricom’s App store include Zombie Quest, Pizza Ninja ii, Fake Call, Ocean Blocks and Celebrity Quiz.

Other Applications

Safaricom App store also contains a wide range of applications such as Android and Symbian Apps, World Flags and Puzzle Games which are popular with their subscribers.

The Safaricom App store also gives users the option of downloading movies, music and animations.
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