Wireless devices have removed the distances between the people around the world. There are many devices available that are wireless and usable. In the early stage, sometime after computers were first manufactured invented, they were officially launched for wider use. Those computers were dependent on wires. It wasn't practical to carry them anywhere else, because at the time computers were large and were very heavy. It has now become much easier to carry computers to anywhere in the world because every part of computer have become customized.

Let us discuss the parts of the computer, which are available in the market, and their benefits.

The most usable part of the computer is a mouse. You can operate a computer without a mouse by only using a keyboard, but using a mouse makes it easier to control graphical user interfaces that modern operating systems use. The mouse that were launched by Microsoft and other companies that don't need to be tethered to a computer by wire making it possible to use them even when sitting far from your computer. All you need to do is to plug the wireless receiver into a computer's USB port and start using the wireless mouse.

Keyboards have also been launched in the market that don't need wires, that also allow you to enter data on your computer even when sitting far away from the computer. One benefit of wireless keyboards is that if teachers are teaching a class, then he or she does not need to sit near their computers. He or she can sit far from the screen and teach students by using these wireless devices.

Motherboards have been customized so that they can be integrated into a single unit that places an LCD monitor on the front. Nowadays your computer will not take a large area of your room, unlike when computers were first introduced.
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