Taiwanese mobile manufacturer HTC announced, withdrawal from South Korea,in order to "streamline operations".

HTC, said in a statement it had fairly difficulty in making decisions. HTC said that this decision was crushed under the leadership of Samsung's own country. HTC has long been able to do in South Korea, wants out. According to Gartner, HTC, a 5 percent market share could not pass any time. This rate in the fourth quarter of 2010, the company that, after this date market share has plunged, and fell to 1-2s.

Ovum analyst Mark Ranson, to get in the Korean market is especially difficult, because not only Samsung, LG, Pantech says that the existence of a powerful country such as the local names. According Ovum HTC, examining each market individually to assess which one offers the highest potential for growth. During this time coincided with South Korea as well as the potential for some challenging market conditions.


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