Even though social networks have affected daily life in countless ways, we’ll try to group them under two main groups. Social networks affect some lives positively whilst affecting others negatively. One group manages to enhance their daily lives while others have their social lives undermined due to social networks.

Let’s take a look at what social networks add to people’s lives… There are those who think social networks actually enhance and enrich people’s social lives. Even if they are virtual friendships, they allow people to develop social skills and allow them to express themselves to other people. Even though it is hard to adapt social behaviors to real life, it is much easier, once that obstacle is hurdled to apply it to actual life. Also, “fake” friendships that are from sincerity are insurmountable but there are lots of real friendship connections thanks to social networks. And once these virtual friendships are transferred to the real world lives can be enriched.

There are also many people who claim that social networks are detrimental to social life. Let’s take a look at the disadvantages. Most virtual friendships are confined to the virtual world, and when you socialize virtually. The friendships made there are insincere and shallow and leaves little time to socialize in the real world. And this is where the disadvantages of social networks are most evident: seeing real friends as less important and becoming detached from families and many more negative effects on everyday life.

When we think of the advantages and disadvantages of social networks on daily life, no matter how many friends you can make virtually or how well you might be able to express yourself, there is always the potential risk of losing friends in real life and being detached from society. On short and midterm levels, social networks allow us to make many friends but in the long run they are very detrimental to daily life. Social networks, if taken lightly, have the power to take over lives and this is one of the biggest negative risks of entering the virtual world; allowing it to become reality.
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