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Google was a desperate and we can now say a failed attempt at speeding up Google’s information acquisition efforts. It has not yielded the results that Google hoped for but a sizeable amount of folks have ditched Facebook after the outbreak of privacy infringement accusations.

Since Facebook made a deal with the FTC in November, which stated that Facebook had to obtain consent before sharing your private information with corporations, the game has changed an awful lot. They are also barred from changing your privacy settings and to be honest, the Timeline’s pretty cool.

There is a very slight chance that you’re a Google user as is, but her if you are why not ditch it and use a nice combination of Facebook, Twitter and Foursqaure among many other networks. Or just stick to the one, not all of us are social media junkies right?


Google Docs was a great step for Google. It provides us with a familiar way of doing things and it is just so convenient. When you receive a document, even if it’s a .pdf file or has the Word logo attached and you click “view” boom! you find yourself in Google Docs! That’s how they get you and keep you there, it’s so good for netbook users, because most netbooks don’t come with a pre-installed, fully licensed version of Microsoft Office Essentials. But what’s interesting is that even though they acquired Writely (the original creators of this useful little tool) and made so many improvements to it, there is still a far better alternative online document viewing/editing tool out there


ZoHo Docs?is a full online office suit (among other things) which does virtually everything Google Docs can do, and in some areas, even more. It offers deep document editing with essential tools, offline editing (!), and collaborative editing, just like Adobes AIR project. Document compatibility on ZoHo is absolutely awesome, and the formatting and editing options far exceed Google Docs. There's a text editor, a spreadsheet editor and a presentation editor, to name a few. So many tools and just so darn easy to use.
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