Samsung has recently rebranded its app store to get a larger share of the Android app market, which is currently dominated by Google's Play store. The Samsung Galaxy Apps store already has hundreds of apps, available only to Galaxy users. The updated app store is going to be full of customizations for mobile devices with larger of discounts and promotions. The store has been renamed to Samsung Galaxy Apps store, which was earlier referred to as Samsung Apps.

The UI has been redesigned, displaying apps under 3 main categories – Top, Galaxy and Best Picks. The “Top” category displays the most popular apps, and the “Best Picks” category allows users to find the most recommended apps and discounts.

The “For Galaxy” section has 4 further sub-sections – Galaxy Gifts, Essentials, Apps for Professionals and Specials. The Galaxy Specials sub-section lets you download apps developed using Samsung SDKs. Currently, Samsung is the market leader in the smart phone and tablet section using the Android platform to power majority of its devices.

Last year the share of Android smartphones shipped by Samsung was almost 40%. Google has recently announced that the new Android version, known as “L”, would be supported by Samsung’s Knox security application. Samsung is currently also working on promoting the Galaxy ecosystem, both devices and apps separately from the new range of Tizen-powered devices it is currently developing. According to the company, they will be building another different app store for this second platform.

According to latest reports Samsung Galaxy Apps will be made available to around 130 million users around the world. It is also reported that the Q2 sales and profit figures this year will be lower compared to last year’s figures of growing competition and the slowdown in the growth rate in the smart device market. Despite the projected figures, the new development of rebranding and upgrading the Samsung Apps store is a sign that the company will be strengthening its market position.
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