Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7: Video look at a speedy slate
At the Consumer Electronics Show last month, when I held the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, I was mesmerized. I’ve been using a Galaxy Tab daily for 14 months and have had the affliction for a while now, so this effect was expected after all. The Tab is slimmer in this version, has a greatly improved display, higher RAM and a whopping 1.4 GHz of dual-core processing.

All of this combined in a beautiful case (as you can see below) led me to order the 16 GB Wi-Fi model and I can honestly say that I’ve been enjoying it ever since it came to my doorstep.


While most of the hardware is very impressive, Samsung has obviously skimped on a few hardware items to lower the price-tag. For example the cameras aren’t what you’d expect in a Samsung device. They’re good stuff when it comes to simple shots or video and adequate for a Skype session and such, but it definitely will not replace a modern smartphone.

OK, let’s forget about the cameras, I don’t take too many happy-snaps anyway, and that’s pretty much the only hardware component I have any quarrels with. When it comes to the hardware though, this is where I found the Galaxy Tab 7.7 to be lackluster. It’s terribly usable of course, why would I use it as my daily device if it weren’t?

Android 3.2, aka Honeycomb, still fails to impress.  I prefer Android 4.0 on phone and slates, so I’m definitely waiting on edge for the update that’s been promised by Samsung. But in the meantime, Samsung’s TouchWiz user interface makes up for some of Honeycomb’s issues.

My strongest hope is that third-party developers will update their apps to fully utilize the high-resolution, but quite compact, tablet display; icons and text are often small because of this. But despite these little challenges, this is the fastest small tablet I’ve used yet for browsing, and it’s great for a lot of things, like watching videos, playing games and social networking.


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