According to rumors; Nokia’s telephone department may be sold to Microsoft or Huawei. Firm has sold its main building in last months. We will see if Nokia will sell its mobile section or not we will see together.

Nokia is going to its bankruptcy with an increasing speed and its end looks like inevitable. Recent months we were witnesses of Lumia’s reviving touch on Nokia’s pale body but a lot of people think that Lumia can’t save Nokia from its inevitable end.

Also some analysts indicate that demanding of Microsoft Windows 8 is not much enough to save Nokia. And these people believe that Nokia has to do something more to save itself from a bad ending, Nokia shouldn’t see Windows Mobile 8 as a real savior.

Nokia has reached perfect number of sales with its Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 in the world. People in the Nokia are very happy with those sales but when we look at Nokia’s financial situation- the balance of incomes and outgoings, we can’t think that Nokia is same with its old bright days it had a long time ago. Because Nokia needs more money than Lumia’s gives. There is an interesting claim in the Forbes magazine about Nokia which has sold its headquarters in Finland.

According to a report which is published in Forbes Magazine, whatever Nokia’s sales are perfect, it can’t help Nokia, Nokia’s end will be postponed but Nokia will not be able to return its bright days.

Nokia wants to focus on software and programming section so wants to sell its hardware section to Huawei or to Microsoft.  This hardware section has a complicated infrastructure that needs a large of budget to develop and to invent new technologies. But there is nothing certain. All of them are just rumors. They haven’t been proved yet and that rumor has no any source. So there is no reason to believe in those analysts’ rumors, those rumors are just some thoughts that are made by some researchers and analysts.

Elop who is CEO of Nokia has been denying those rumors all the time. But it is possible to be sold to Microsoft at future.  We will see together if Nokia Mobile will be sold or not but this is certain  Nokia takes Microsoft’s help to save itself from a bankruptcy.

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