There are many internet providers in Pakistan but those providers are the branches of the main provider. The main fiber cable of internet connects from the United States. The all rights of that fiber reserve by the PTA. PTA is a main internet service provider in Pakistan. The PTA is a government organization that manages all the Information technology services or other stuff around the country. Every new company needs to get the authority from the PTA to start their ISP services in the country. Therefore, the main internet service provider is PTA in Pakistan.

PTA has authority to block any website in the country by the orders of prime minter. Currently YouTube blocked in Pakistan due to some religious matter and the command for blocking the YouTube is given by the Prime minter.  Therefore, the main gateway of the internet service provider in Pakistan is the PTA .

Except PTA, many other ISPs are providing the internet services. However, those companies also need to get the internet service from the PTA because the main fiber is connected with the PTA and no other company has rights to drag the new fiber from any other country for providing the internet service without the permission of PTA. Therefore, in Pakistan many companies providing the internet services those company names are Wi-tribe, Moblink, Qubee, Wateen, and many other local ISPs.

The PTA also provides the internet services to the local user of the country but they share the internet services with the name of PTCL. PTCL is a telecommunication company in the Pakistan. PTCL provides the DSL internet services to their user in very cheap rate. PTCL also provides the wireless internet USB with the name of PTCL EVO. Through this USB, you can connect with internet anywhere in the country. This USB gives the 3.5MB internet speed, which is enough for one user of computer.

The other company like moblink, Qubee, Wi-tribe and wateen provide the wireless internet connection and the downloading is limited in these connections. However, mostly people prefer to keep a PTCL connection in the home. However, in cooperate offices people use these private companies wireless internet.
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