1. Informationabout Servers

A server is a unitin which network components (users) can access, use and shareresources on computer networks. It is possible to have more than oneserver unit on a network.

The opposite of aserver is a client. There are types of clients; shared hosting,co-location, reseller and dedicated hosting. Shared hosting can hostmore than one domain. Co-location allows for high-speed connectionspublishing’s on a unique database. Dedicated hosting has a server,connection and everything else supplied by the company.

Reseller hosting ispresented to the user with a set amount of domains, discs and limitto the speed of bandwidth. Windows and Linux derivatives are madeavailable.

On Windows’ endthere used to be only Windows NT servers but over time Windows 2000,Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 servers were made available. The LinuxRedHat and Suse versions took their own places in the marketplace.Also, it is important to determine the purpose for which the serversare to be used for. For example, there are servers who supply websupport. Examples of these are Apache, Microsoft IIS, Abyss andFastream IQ Web/FTP servers.

File sharing, livestreams and even online gaming servers are online with these systems.All of these servers need their own specific systems in which tooperate.

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