With the advancement of the Internet two things became very important; 1. Search engines and 2. SEO. With the importance gained by the search engines, millions of websites found a platform for competition.

In this competition, applications and methods that will bring sites higher in the search results were developed, and this was the birth of SEO. Search engines and SEO are vital for a website.

Let’s come to the tips and advice on the ways we can have your site higher in the search results:

First of all, SEO requires you to be patient. You need to always be patient and motivated for anything to work.

Tips on keywords:

• It is necessary to use the right keywords in Meta Tags.
• Your articles and content need to be original and unique to your site. Also you need to have keywords in these articles. There ratio of words in the article to keywords in the article needs to be 100:3.
• Google bots appreciate <h1> tags. For this reason it will be good if you use these.
• When buying a domain name, you should get one that includes one of your keywords.
• Google Bots don’t see the pictures on your site. For your pictures to be beneficial on the SEO level, you need to edit these to the format that is suitable for Bot recognition.
• You can allow the bots to detect your pictures using the <alt> <title> codes. <alt>= picture description <title>= picture title. When adding pictures, be careful not to intensely use keywords as this carries a risk of being seen as spam.
• Websites are comprised of pages and subpages that differ from each other. These pages need to have different Meta descriptions and Meta keywords. So when the content changes the Meta description and keywords need to change with it.

Tips on pages:

• For good SEO, on-page links need to be paid attention to. Good on-page links will allow Bots to easily navigate your page and index them faster.
• Broken links can occur for many reasons and can lose you many visitors. You will need to fix these along with the broken links detected by Google Bots.
• You will need to increase the amount of indexed pages you have, especially on Google. As this page count raises so will your traffic.
• These days you definitely need original and unique content to be in the first places in search results. Google Bots detect original content faster and index them faster than pages that have copied content.
• Update your site in certain intervals. Updated sites will be perceived as being of a higher quality and will get more hits.
• Search engines sometimes delete their indexed pages. To avoid this you will need to update your older pages from time to time; this way you can maintain your index count.
• Google provides services on many issues to site owners. If you utilize these services, you can see and improve the sitemap and html errors on your page that have been detected by Google Bots.
Domain name tips:

• The most important factor when it comes to domain names is a domain names “age”. Domains that have older names will find it easier to be listed higher in search results. The reason for this is that Google approaches new websites with suspicion.
• If your domain has a com, net or org extension this will make SEO much easier.
• Your main page and subpages’ page rank is decisive on SEO.
• Alexa is a system that gives information on website statistics. As your Alexa value drops, your domain value will rise. If you have a low Alexa value it means you have more hits. For this reason your Alexa value is important to users.
• The links from other sites need to be compatible with your site. (Page-Word Relevance)
• Acquired back-links must be of good quality as this is important for any future developments.
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