Gone are the days when thieves could follow you closely and monitor your moves to get access to your purse and steal your money. Things have changed so much that today the thief only needs a minute or even a second to steal from you. There are four common ways that thieves use, nowadays, to steal your debit card information:

Card readers

Thieves can actually attach small skimmers on card readers or swipe machines and even ATMs. Skimmers are usually unnoticeable and can read all the information on the card. One way to notice a skimmer is by noticing a change in the way things are done. For example, instead of you inserting your ATM into the slot you are asked to swipe.

Dishonest employees

If you always make your payments using your credit cards in the coffee shop cafeteria or any other places, it might be unfortunate that you give your card to dishonest employees who will steal your information and use it unscrupulously.


One major place that thieves look forward to getting your debit card information is online. Some site might look genuine and require you to fill in your credit card information for the purpose of purchase, but in the end steal from you. So next time you give out your credit card information think about the security of your credit card.

Stealing PINs

At times these thieves can go to an extent of installing cameras at ATMs to capture your pin. At times they do not really require your card. With the PIN they can create a counterfeit card and still access your account. This thief can go to the length of even hacking into your bank database where pins are stored and access them. Nevertheless the database is usually well secured and such cases are rare.

Such cases have been on the rise, it is the responsibility of every person to look after their credit card information. Any slight disclosure of your debit card can lead to one losing a huge sum of money within a very short span of time. It only needs some bit of caution and you will be able to avoid such cases.
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