Encryption is on the front-burner: Google is now making it a standard with Android
Literally a few hours after Apple announced that it will be undertaking measures to secure user privacy from its next product onwards, Google announced that it will encrypt all data on every Android device from the next Android version onwards. Google spoke to The Washington Post and told them that encryption will be a feature embedded into the start-up and not an optional feature to be found within the settings.
This basically means that any information stored on the device will require the user to enter the correct password to have any level of access to it. Android had offered data encryption for over three years where the keys were never stored off of the device meaning they cannot be shared with any third parties but from now on data encryption will be enabled from the first power up of the device meaning the end user won’t even have to think about it.

Apple began encrypting data with iOS 8 and it was rolled out as a free update just a few days ago, many people can guess why it was added as an update. Apple claims that they don’t even have access to the data and that it cannot in any way be bypassed. This is great for Android and iOS users alike, since agencies of the law can’t even approach the two big companies to hand over user data.
Google has already announced its plans for the next version of Android which they have dubbed “Android L” and although much of the changes are visual, the software has been changed in a major way as well, but in a very unobtrusive way that will not change the user experience too much. They have announced earlier that we should expect the new version late this year, but there haven’t been any official release dates mentioned as of yet.

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