Internet monitoring software or some of which are known as ”Keyloggers” are applications that are installed on your computer to monitor your activities online. These kinds of software are usually installed by employers to monitor how their workers use the Internet, spouse who feels unsecure with their partners or Internet scammers out to know your financial information like credit card numbers or PayPal password for those who use PayPal as a payment method.

To get rid of this software it is advisable to keep your computer as safe as possible from unauthorized access by third parties by putting in place strong access password and changing them in short intervals because these software are physically installed in your computer. Usually when you have monitoring software installed in your computer, you will notice that your monitor will keep flickering and your hard drive will be active always making the computer to run out of memory and become slow.

To make sure that there are no suspicious programs installed run a personal firewall, this will help you to manage and control programs on your computer. Remove all foreign programs that you do not recognize because they might be spyware. Checking your computer taskbar can also be a useful method of getting rid of Internet monitoring software. In the task bar all installed programs are listed, make sure you know all the programs listed there and remove the ones that you do not recognize.

The other reliable option is to make use of anti-virus software. This will prevent any unapproved program from any source to be installed in your computer. Antivirus programs will also notify you of activities that are suspicious and dangerous. Anti-spyware programs are the ultimate solution in dealing with spywares because there is no spyware that can pass undetected unless they are the most sophisticated ones. Many people who install these monitoring software uses the common types hence it is very difficult for them to run unnoticed by the anti-spyware or antivirus programs.
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