If there is an area that is mostly targeted by hackers then it is the email. They are fully aware that if they are able to access your email account then they will have an advantage in sending viruses to contacts in your email address and most likely recipients will open the attachment without any worry because the mail is from a known address. Email is also a rich source of personal information and business transaction information.

If you try to log in and are denied access, or are prompted with a message informing you that you have logged in somewhere else, or you are not able to log in using your access code or your friends receive messages that you did not send then you should know that your email has hacked. When your email is hacked the best thing to do is to fix it and go on with your life.

These steps will help you to fix a hacked email:

  • In the sign in page there is a forgot password button, click on it and follow the instructions given to you on-screen. Providers usually ask secret questions before you open an email address, answer the questions and confirm your personal details like your date of birth. This will help them to confirm your identity and reset your password.

  • Once you password has been successfully reset, create a more complex password but keep it memorable because it is not wise to write your password as it might fall into the wrong hands. A secure password should consist of numbers, letters and symbols. This makes it hard for people to guess your password.

  • The hacker must have used your account to send emails to your friend or any other contact in your email. Send all of your contacts a message informing them that your email address was hacked and that they should not open any messages or attachments sent from your email address in the recent past. This will help prevent them from getting infected by viruses.

To be safe never click on unnecessary links to go to a site instead type the address of that site and access it from the address bar.
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