Firefox deems favicons risky, banishes them from address bar

Who'd have thought that those tiny visual logo things that work as reminders of the site you're browsing would in the end bite you in the rump?

Apparently Mozilla has thought of this, and with its latest nightly Firefox build it has gotten rid of the looked-over favicons from their eternal perch that used to be just left of the URL bar.

The problem is that instead something friendly -- like Google's famous "g" -- nefarious sites can use a padlock or similar image that they’ve added to their source code in the form of a jpeg or other supported format, leading you to believe you're on a secure SSL page.

So to counteract this, starting from mid-July you'll see a generic globe for standard websites, green padlocks for SSL sites with validation, and grey padlocks for SSL sites that haven’t been validated.

Take note that (so far) tabs will keep their favicons, so those of us with 43 sites open at the same time - and with microscopic tabs to go with them - will still know where in the web we’ve surfed to.

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