Unified Process or UP is an iterative, incremental, architecture-based and use-case driven software development process that relies on the unified modeling language. The process complies with the system process engineering metamodel. It can be applied to different types of software systems with different degrees of managerial and technical complexity across a wide range of domains and organizational structures.

Rational Unified Process or RUP is also a software development method with many tools for coding. It is an object-oriented process that helps ensure efficient project management and quality software development.

RUP has 4 development phases, each one being organized into many different iterations that need to fulfill the defined conditions before undertaking the next stage. The 4 different phases are described as follows:

Inception Phase

In the inception phase, the business case of the project is defined and the developing team determines if it is possible and worth undertaking. The process essentially requires that the possibility of the project is first formulated and determines the resources that will be required.

Elaboration Phase

In this phase, the developers will determine the architecture for the project. It is in this phase that the developers will analyze the risks that could arise if the scope of the project is changed or if any new technology is added as the project progresses.

Construction Phase

This is the stage where the project’s development is completed. It culminates the completion of the designing of the application followed by the developers writing the source code. The software passes through tests for evaluating if the project and the process have achieved the goal created during the Inception phase.


This is where the development team will perform any kind of minor changes for improvement. These changes, if required, will depend on installation problems, usability and user feedback.

RUP can be compared to Extreme Programming in that it focuses on producing only what is valuable and that the development plan keeps getting updated through the process. This process also seeks to create a system of best practices.
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