Europa says Android, U.S says IOS
The result has not changed, though familiar results observed in previous surveys. IOS has continued ruling in USA but the European loves Android more than IOS.

Various companies have been continuing to research rate of being liked of operating Systems that everyday increases their numbers. A research company that name is Kantar has renewed its report that has been published one times in three months.

According to that report IOS Operating System’s portion has increased to   53.3% from 35.7%. And it was enough to make IOS leader in American marketing. Android portion is 41.9% in American marketing and also Windows Phone has just 2.7% in American marketing.
We are observing that in Europa about marketing portion that Android had a portion such as   67.1% in previous survey but it is 61% in current survey. Despite of android’s decreasing; IOS has increased his portion from 16.5% to 25.3% in last survey.

The Average of Europe shows that IOS’s portion has been increased (from 16.5% from 25.3%). Apparently strong IPhone 5 sales have helped to increase portion of IOS in Europe marketing.  Android’s portion has been worsened against IOS and decreased to 61% from 67.1%. Spain is the best at using Android in Europe and Italia is the best at using Windows mobile.

When we look at the World marketing IOS has been selling more than It did before. Despite of IOS success Android is still leader of the world at sales. Lastly Windows Phone has affected on windows portion in the globe with %1 effect.

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