Dropbox has bought AudioGalaxy
Dropbox that is one of the most used cloud technology software in last user side is continuing to its developing by making investments.

Dropbox comes to minds when we think about to bring the cloud storage technology to last user and now Dropbox is becoming stronger with a new buying.

Dropbox that has bought an online music company which name is Audiogalaxy could be compete with other strong music applications such as Spotify and Radio.
Dropbox has applications on Mac OS, Linux and Windows as well as on IOS, Android and BlackBerry based operating systems. Users can listen to their favorite songs that are uploaded before thanks to this program. But if Dropbox add Audiogalaxy’s databases onto its databases Dropbox users could reach other songs that they are not in them. It is good news for users isn’t it?

Let’s see together what will bring us Dropbox’s last step. Dropbox hasn’t made any kind of declaration until now. We will share with you once Dropbox has announced about its plans.

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