Computer Controlling is Possible With Eyes
To predict what will happen next to make us surprised is very difficult nowadays because of enormous technological development speed. So, what would you think if we say you can use your computer by your eyes?

Perhaps separation time has come for keyboard and for mouse. We have seen them together since we started to use computers in our lives. They were together as Siamese twins. Is time to separate mouse and keyboard from each other? A new option will be added soon with other methods such as Touch Pads, touch screen computers.

People can control their computers with eye movements instead of using mouse to control cursor.

According to rumors, a company which name is Tobii works on a project name is Tobii Gaze. And this project has been developed with an intention such as to make it a sensational project. This company works on this project to be spoken in the future. This project is still being developed and the company has been searching a sponsor. The price of using this technology is roughly 1000$ for a developer kit. If you want to support new ideas you can support them.

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