Apple and IBM are now come closer to sell more iPhones and iPads to niche market segments. This collaboration is going to help target Apple’s devices to corporate clients and government departments. The two IT and electronics giants will be working together to develop more than a hundred mobile apps for different industries.

The new apps will use IBM’s data-intensive tools that it is currently selling to organizations that want to study their markets and explore new opportunities. IBM plans to provide high-end security to organizations and their employees who will be using their mobile devices for their work.

Apple is seeking the support of IBM because of the latter’s better understanding of the corporate segment. On the other hand IBM expects to expand the audience for its tech tools, to generate returns on the $24 billion that it has invested in data analytics.

According to IBM this collaboration is going to help unleash the power of mobility for business organizations. It is expected to restructure different industries and professions. Apple and IBM plan to build new mobile apps that will prove that Apple devices can also be used for business applications, not just for checking emails and tracking appointments. Apple devices may be used in the business environment but the penetration is not deep in Fortune 500 companies.

The collaboration between the two tech giants is expected to help both increase their individual revenue. This latest development comes after both Apple and IBM have been concerned about their stocks performance and underlying revenue growth rate.

It is expected that Apple will be launching their new iPhone with a larger display. The smart phone maker has had not been keeping up with the competition in terms of the screen size, which has been of concern to critics, fans, customers and the company itself. Apple is also working on releasing a smart watch that could also track the user’s health. Currently, Apple’s stocks have risen to reach their all-time high.
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