A1976 antique Apple-1 computer system that was built by Steve Wozniakhimself in the famous Apple garage, was sold at a Christie’sauction this week with a shockingly crazy price-tag of $365,000 USD.

The machine was built by the hands of Steve Wozniak and iscomprised of one of the first in line Apple-1 motherboard, thekeyboard that was popularized in the Pirates of Silicon Valley movie,which is placed in a wooden case and of course a monitor. Alsoincluded were a cassette player which was installed solely foroperation demonstration purposes, an operation manual that bears theold Apple logo, specifications of the machine and the original checksthat were used to purchase the computer.

Fewerthan 50 of the machines remain in the world, according to a BBCreport, and out of those 50 computers this one is arguably the mostinteresting of the lot, because it can be proven that it was sold byJobs himself, right from his garage in California. Christie’s hadestimated the rarity would fetch more, as much as $600,000.

TheHenry Ford Museum had famously bought its own Apple-1 for more than$900,000 in October this year, so that price-was not a stretch by anymeans. The Ford Museum will put that one on display for the rest ofus to see which is lucky for us because the latest Apple-1 went to ananonymous buyer, so the one sitting at the Ford might one day becomethe only one we technology lovers will get to see. 

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