Google has noticed the importance of social networks and has started to make its move.

Ever since Facebook came around, social networks have progressed to such an extent that there is no way of returning.

Now it is the turn for other companies. At the head of these companies is the global giant Google. “Google Plus” has been talked about for a while now and according to the words of Eric Schmidt, it will be out this fall. According to information leaked by The Wall Street Journal and Reuters, Schmidt says that on behalf of Google, they will submit a new addition to the social network world.

It is not yet known what Google Plus will look like, but it is guessed that it will resemble a developed version of an earlier attempt called Google Buzz.

Let’s see if this new venture by Google will knock Facebook off its tier. Personally, I don’t think this will happen as Google is synonymous with search engine. If Facebook were to develop a search engine I would say the same thing.
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