An overview of Rare Breeds: Petunia

This splendid online game involves creating and saving flowers that are hybrids. It involves cross-breeding flowers with Rare Breeds. The game Petunia is an easy way to enjoy gardening without having put your pleasure off to a further time. Add to this lovely piano music and a soundtrack that consists of birdsongs; this makes for a soothing and calming time.
Choose the option "Create a Garden," and the game shows you five blossoms that are of various shapes, colors and sizes. You must click and drag one to the round dish above; in this way you are able to grow about six different variations.

And then from this point, you are able to cross-breed for the traits that you find desirable. Rare Breeds: Petunia provides you with two dishes in where you can place two different flowers. You can choose any of the two, drag them to the dishes, and then you may reap the rewards. You may perform this as many times as you please. If i am to give an example; in one game, I began with two different purple flowers and came out with a vibrantly colored pink-streaked gray bloom flower. And in another game, I cross-bred the same nodding white blossoms until the color blue appeared. I then made a choice for the shape option until I had extraordinary seashell-shaped aqua blooms.

If you happen upon a combination that you are pleased with, you may then drag your cultivar to the flower doctor. This flower doctor is represented by a shovel that is crossed and a rake. This then saves the genetic coding of the flower to your clipboard so you can then save it offline. After this, you can begin creating new gardens with your floral works of art. It is much more entertaining to begin a new garden with two or more saved flowers rather than just only one. Although this is not much of a complaint but more of a goal to aim for.

Information on Rare Breeds: The Petunia takes care of your relaxing needs all the while giving you the opportunity to get creative. It does not take up much time to produce something that is special and surprising. And also in this way you will never get dirty, soily fingers:)

On a sidenote: If you want to play this game, you should follow the link and open it in a browser that is enabled by Flash and Javascript. After watching a short advertisement video, you may play the game online. This game was entered in the Casual Gameplay Design Competition #8: Sandbox. You can read PCWorld's critiques of games that have won and that have been notable from this contest.

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