According to researchGoogle’s Android is still the leader

In the race of the smart phones, the distance betweenthe two leaders and the rest is growing rapidly. According to the research doneby ComScore, while Android is still the leading operating system Apple’s iOS isclose behind at second. In third place is RIM’s Blackberry. The statistics areas follows: Android 43.7%, iOS 27.3% and Blackberry at 19.7%.

Now let’s share what these statistics mean to us. Fromthe last analysis on the market done to the latest, we’ve noticed that it hasonly been Android and iOS that have increased their shares of the pie, whileall the other combatants have decreased.

Blackberry is the most distinct in this sense as ithas dropped a whopping 6% and has really detached itself from the race againstiOS. If a new iPhone were to be released and Android continued to broaden itsarray of smart phones and devices, it won’t be too hard to predict the furtherdecline of Blackberry.

Microsoft’s Windows Mobile and Symbian have been leftout of the race for a long time now. Nokia pulled its support from Symbian andteamed up with Microsoft but it seems this hasn’t positively affected eitherside. Although Nokia’s WM phones haven’t been promoted sufficiently, theinitial reactions were not very positive. 

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